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Dream material
Meet 256 times the oxygen of SiO4 zeolite.

In organic agriculture, the properties of zeolite (SiO2) are becoming more important globally. It is because of the ionic function of silicon, the substitution function, the function of decomposition adsorption, and the generation of strong oxygen to maximize effective microorganisms in the soil and to decrypt heavy metals and pesticides.

Even when a small amount of nitrogen fertilizer is added, due to the amplification effect of zeolite, the crop is the only mineral that solves the problem caused by nitrogen deficiency. In addition, zeolite has been published internationally to save carbon dioxide

Meet 256 times the oxygen of SiO4 Zeolite.

However, SiO2 zeolite is a natural substance taken from the mine, which causes destruction of the environment and therefore deeper distress due to the fineness of the supply.

The development of KFC-developed SiO4 (SiOx = 3,4,5) is the only way to revolutionize global agriculture. We use the ash as the base material of SiO4 by incineration of waste building material, industrial waste, waste glass, sand etc. by special method in furnace without damaging nature.

In other words, SiO4 means artificial zeolite, not present in nature, and it is a NANO-based material used in all fields such as agriculture, medical care, beauty, general life, health, food without any side effects.

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